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Pop Social is the perfect venue for events engaging 50 - 75 people seated, and over 100 people standing. We can cater your event with a custom menu ranging from full course meals, to finger foods and charcuterie boards.


Don't have it all figured out? No worries. We'll be happy to help curate your next corporate event, office outing, birthday party, wedding reception, award ceremony, you choose the occasion. 

  • Full bar service and catering available for any occasion.

  • There are 40 seats in the dining lounge, 16 seats in the hosts lounge, and 22 seats in the lower lounge. The patio with 30 seats is currently under construction.

  • 6 Large digital display screens to display custom images/video, or broadcast live tv/ stream programming.

  • House audio system supports bluetooth or analog input devices for light ambiance tunes or party vibes.

  • Bose FS 1 system available for DJ's and live bands.

  • Raised 10' x 8' x 1' seating area converts to stage for presentation, performance or podcast.

  • Over 60 programmable Phillips Hue recessed ceiling lights can be tuned to compliment any occasion.

  • 2 hotel like ada accessible restrooms to accommodate any guest.

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